We are continually evolving to stay at the cutting edge of technology, drive real-time transformation and foster long-term growth. The cloud services team is essential to this work.

Our engineering teams rely on cloud services each day to help support our firm’s growth and activity. In our first episode, learn more about how our technology teams take advantage of our best-in-class tools, including cloud native capabilities, to iterate quickly and build elastic systems.

In episode two of “Tech Teasers,” we explore how the cloud enables our engineering teams to operate within frameworks that are both flexible and secure. Watch how our custom-built cloud services framework allows our teams to see the benefits of integrated software and infrastructure, while problem-solving with less friction and more control.

In episode three of “Tech Teasers,” we meet Michael Brams, Head of Public Cloud Compute. Every day, he and his team help solve complex problems for our trading teams. Watch how he and his team leverage the cloud.

Learn more about how you can join our technology teams to help solve complex problems: https://www.mlp.com/careers/technology/.

You can also view all our Tech Teasers videos on the Millennium Careers YouTube.