Calling all tech and engineering candidates! Our EMEA Talent Acquisition Lead, Jamie Brimage, shares common résumé pitfalls to avoid next time you apply for a role. Steer clear of these three, common mistakes to help ensure your application stands out to recruiters for the right reasons:

1. Listing programming skills you aren’t ready to talk about

I always tell recruits they should not add concepts or programming languages, unless they are prepared to talk about them in-depth during the interview. If you list something on your résumé and you’re not able to elaborate on it, you’re setting yourself up for a tough interview.

2. Having a long résumé

Keep it short – and better yet, to one page if you can. If your résumé is long, not straightforward, or hard to follow, it may get overlooked. Clean formatting also goes a long way in making your profile more digestible.

3. Spelling mistakes and bad grammar

Your résumé is your first impression. The attention to detail is worth it. Besides, it only takes a few minutes to spell check your résumé. Also, if including a personal message, make sure it’s for the role you’re applying to (and the correct company name!)