Millennium's Technology Teams

Interested in a career in technology? Meet Millennium’s Technology teams.


Our Information Security team spends their days investigating, preventing, and scanning for security incidents to help protect our Firm. When hiring, they look for an investigative mind, a sharp eye, and a curiosity to solve complex problems. Learn more about why information security is a team sport:

Our Low Latency team is in a race to better understand what is happening from different angles. To them, it’s about milliseconds or even microseconds. They’re global problem solvers who are always looking to improve the system.

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Tips for a Successful Virtual Tech Interview

Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s tips and tricks to help ensure that you stand out in your video interview with our technology team:


Dress for an in-person interview

A video interview naturally feels a bit more casual than an in-person interview. However, it is important to still dress nicely. If you typically feel a little nervous before interviews, taking the time to look and feel your best can boost your confidence.


Build rapport with small talk

When interviewing in-person, there is usually small talk that happens before the interview itself. This brief rapport (even just about the weather) helps to create a more relaxed and friendly interview environment. It’s important to take time at the beginning of your video interview to establish that connection. This will help ease your nerves and allow for an interview that feels more like a conversation.


Display your enthusiasm and share your interest

Feeling passionate about engineering is important to us. If you’re working on a side project or actively contributing to an open-source project, let us know.


Login early and double-check your video and audio setup

It’s important to log in to the VC platform a few minutes early to resolve any technical issues with your video or audio. If possible, position yourself in a quieter part of your apartment to minimize background noise, but we understand there may be some noise in this work from home environment. You should also take this time to breathe and relax.


Prepare to code live

Engineering interviews typically require you to code and solve problems live, which can be stressful. Prepare ahead of time by practicing with HackerRank so that you are comfortable with the IDE and working with a time limit.


Clearly review your prior work

Prepare to talk through your past projects in detail. Consider framing your answers with the CAR (Context, Action, Result) or STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to provide your interviewer with sufficient detail around your contributions and experience.

Tech Teasers: The Cloud

We are continually evolving to stay at the cutting edge of technology, drive real-time transformation and foster long-term growth. The cloud services team is essential to this work.

Our engineering teams rely on cloud services each day to help support our firm’s growth and activity. In our first episode, learn more about how our technology teams take advantage of our best-in-class tools, including cloud native capabilities, to iterate quickly and build elastic systems.

In episode two of “Tech Teasers,” we explore how the cloud enables our engineering teams to operate within frameworks that are both flexible and secure. Watch how our custom-built cloud services framework allows our teams to see the benefits of integrated software and infrastructure, while problem-solving with less friction and more control.

In episode three of “Tech Teasers,” we meet Michael Brams, Head of Public Cloud Compute. Every day, he and his team help solve complex problems for our trading teams. Watch how he and his team leverage the cloud.

Learn more about how you can join our technology teams to help solve complex problems:

You can also view all our Tech Teasers videos on the Millennium Careers YouTube.