Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s advice to help make sure you get the most out of your internship this year:

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask others in your group thoughtful questions about what they do or how the company works. The more you ask, the more you will learn. If you are assigned a project and are unsure of how to proceed, ask follow up questions.

Speak with your manager about preferred communication methods. Team’s communication styles may vary across the firm. It is helpful to speak with your manager about whether they prefer email, a phone call, or a different messaging tool depending on the urgency of a task.

Absorb as much as possible. Take a few extra minutes to read through documents and emails and ask questions what they will be used for. This will allow you to understand your role and how your work impacts the firm.

Take notes in meetings and during trainings. Any time that someone explains something to you, write it down. Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or a department wide meeting, you should always take notes to ensure you learning as much as possible.

Join video calls with your camera on. If you have a meeting on your calendar with a video link, be sure to join with your camera on. This is a great way to develop a virtual presence and speak with teammates face-to-face.

Get to know your fellow intern class. There will be plenty of opportunities to see the other interns throughout the summer. If you learn that you have something in common or work in the same department as another intern, reach out to them to get to know them better.

Enjoy the experience. Make sure that you discover what it is you may or may not enjoy about a position. Take advantage of all of the learning and networking opportunities that are offered and the summer internship will fly by.