How are you adjusting to your move to Miami?

I love Miami. It’s a great city that provides for a great quality of life. It has the right combination of working hard and enjoying all Miami has to offer. I feel like this city is my own because everyone is friendly and willing to help.


What about Millennium’s Miami office makes you the most excited?

Later this year we plan to open our new permanent Miami office. As we are building the office, we are also building our community in Miami. That community will continue to grow as more and more companies see Miami as a top destination for tech talent.


What advice do you give to your junior colleagues?

Be open minded. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Unlike previous generations, it’s difficult to predict what jobs will look like 10-15 years from now. Above all else, make sure you are passionate about the job you pursue.


What cause do you feel most passionate about?

Education. Education. Education. But if you want me to be specific, I would say the need for more science-based education to help us navigate a world primed for disruption from artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Your favorite way to spend a Saturday night?

A quiet night on my balcony with a glass wine overlooking the Miami bay. Yet another great part of Miami!