In this episode of mChats, meet Jonathan Xiong, Co-Chief Executive Officer, APAC. He shares the top reason he joined Millennium, his transition of moving back to Singapore and 2023 goals.

What was the #1 thing that attracted you to Millennium?

The entrepreneurship culture with the rigor for excellence.

Tell us about your transition of moving to Singapore.

Coming back to Asia as a region was relatively easy as I was born in Shanghai. Singapore has a lot to offer as one of Asia’s premier financial centers, both from a personal and professional perspective. Similar to New York and San Francisco, where I lived previously, Singapore is a multi-cultural city with stunning architecture, vibrant parks and is a hub for travel into many amazing destinations in Southeast Asia. Plus, the food is amazing.

Millennium recently opened a new office in Singapore. Tell us more.

A few months ago, the firm opened our office on Market Street, in a newly constructed building. It was a really unique and memorable moment, bringing together firm leadership across the globe and reminding us of our shared culture, values and purpose. Overall, our people had a lot of fun watching and participating in the festivities. Here’s one of my favorite photos from the office opening:

What advice would you give to your 22-year-old self?

Always aim higher beyond your expectations, get out of your comfort zone, build lasting relationships. It’s a small world and you’ll be surprised at how often your path collides with old acquaintances.

What is your favorite way to spend your time off?

Traveling with my wife and our 4 children to destinations all over Southeast Asia.  Singapore’s world renowned airport makes travel seamless.

Do you have any goals for 2023, personal or professional?

I’m always looking for new opportunities to grow, inside and outside of the office. I also have a voracious appetite for reading so am constantly trying to read more – that includes everything from industry news to historical fiction. Learning about history may give you a better guide to the future.

And I’d be remiss not to say that if your goal for 2023 is finding a new job, I welcome you to consider Millennium. We’re hiring researchers, developers and portfolio managers and are always looking for smart people who want to solve complex problems.