We asked Bobby Jain, Co-Chief Investment Officer, to share his career advice, New York favorites, and more.

Buy-side or Sell-side?

It’s breadth vs. depth. At the beginning of your career, aim for breadth; if you start on the sell-side, try to work in different product groups, regions, asset classes, and if you can, have different bosses. Learn what works and what doesn’t. This broad approach helps you learn more about the business, but also more about yourself. It will expand your network, your knowledge and your vision, which will support you if you move to a buy-side firm. There, you can specialize for a much longer period of time and take advantage of the depth of buy-side roles.


STEM or Social Sciences?

We need both but weaving new technologies into the social fabric is hard and creates questions we should not ignore. For example, as driverless cars are developed, there will be questions of ethics, insurance, and fairness that need to be addressed.


Queens or Manhattan?

I grew up in Queens and had to take 3 subways and a bus to school from the age of 11. Living there gave me the base of practicality and risk vs. reward decisions, and these lessons helped shape my career.


Trading Floor or Office?

I’ve spent 23 of my 29 years sitting on trading floors. I think the information flow and the ability to have instant meetings is very powerful. When we all return to work, I look forward to the energy of the trading floor.


Burgers or Pizza?

Undoubtedly, New York has the best pizza. Outside of New York City, burgers. It’s harder to mess up a burger.