mChats with Ajay Nagpal

In this episode of mChats, meet Ajay Nagpal, Chief Operating Officer. He shares his thoughts on Millennium’s growth, emphasis on risk management, and advice for young professionals.

You’ve been with the Firm almost ten years. What changes have you observed during this time?

As our teams grow and our geographical and product footprint expands, my focus is to stay true to who we are.  To me, this means maintaining our entrepreneurial agility in a rigorous and disciplined environment.

What mindset is key to being successful at Millennium?

Each and every one of us is a risk manager. It’s not limited to any one individual or group. It’s foundational to our culture and sets us apart.

What’s your advice to young professionals?

Success is highly correlated to an individual’s level of engagement. Young professionals can contribute meaningfully to the firm’s development through their unique perspectives and experiences while bringing energy to their teams.

What sporting event do you never miss?

I always enjoy the energy of a Tennis tournament. And no one does it quite like the US Open in Queens.

How do you spend your downtime?

When I’m not in the office, I’m under direction from my other management team: my wife and four kids.

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How are you adjusting to your move to Miami?

I love Miami. It’s a great city that provides for a great quality of life. It has the right combination of working hard and enjoying all Miami has to offer. I feel like this city is my own because everyone is friendly and willing to help.


What about Millennium’s Miami office makes you the most excited?

Later this year we plan to open our new permanent Miami office. As we are building the office, we are also building our community in Miami. That community will continue to grow as more and more companies see Miami as a top destination for tech talent.


What advice do you give to your junior colleagues?

Be open minded. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Unlike previous generations, it’s difficult to predict what jobs will look like 10-15 years from now. Above all else, make sure you are passionate about the job you pursue.


What cause do you feel most passionate about?

Education. Education. Education. But if you want me to be specific, I would say the need for more science-based education to help us navigate a world primed for disruption from artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Your favorite way to spend a Saturday night?

A quiet night on my balcony with a glass wine overlooking the Miami bay. Yet another great part of Miami!

mChats with Lena Tamarkin

In this episode of mChats, meet Lena Tamarkin, Global Head of Human Resources, and learn about her 14 years at Millennium, the importance of mentorship, and what she enjoys most about being back in the Firm’s new headquarters.

What do you enjoy about your role at Millennium

I’ve been with Millennium for 14 years!  I enjoy the empowerment I have to continuously improve the organization in a myriad of ways. In our work in HR, the challenges are endless and I enjoy solving problems and working with a phenomenal group of people across the Firm.

How has mentorship played a part in your time at Millennium?

Mentors are critical — and can come in all shapes and sizes. I have found mentors all over the Firm in different capacities. In my 14 years here, I have found that a mentor can be a peer, colleague, a senior contact in another department, or your manager. I hope to continue to offer my own mentorship to others.

Please share your top advice to young professionals

As a young professional, it can be common to think “what’s next for me”?  Patience, resilience and personal reflection are such important competencies and I think important to keep in mind. Take the time to reflect on what you have learned, what you enjoy, and talk to a mentor or manager about where you can apply your new skills within the company you are in. Be open to feedback and think about how it will make you that much stronger!

What excites you about being back in NYC’s new office?

I love the energy of being in the office. It’s not possible to connect with human beings in the same way via video vs in person. I find the on-the-fly conversations and quick huddles to be very effective in person and helpful to keep the creativity flowing. I do enjoy those couple of days at home for a slightly different pace!

What’s on your playlist?

I have such a small range!  On the way to work I love to listen to the NYTimes podcast, The Daily. Even if you think you know the topics they are covering, the depth of their research is eye-opening. For music, I’ve become a big Taylor Swift fan!

You live in Brooklyn with your family. How do you spend your weekends?

We split our weekends between being in Brooklyn and visiting our vacation home in upstate NY. When in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I do lots of walking around and shopping with my kids.

How do you take your coffee?

Brooklyners love our coffee!  I’m a drip coffee lover with almond or oat milk.  Like a strong kick to the coffee!