Last Thursday, as part of the Women in Investments Network (WIN) speaker series, Rosalind Looby, a member of Equities SPM Subash Mani’s team, interviewed Joan Solotar, a former colleague and currently Blackstone’s Global Head of Private Wealth Solutions. The conversation covered Joan’s background, career path, advice for young professionals in finance, and the current macro landscape.

Of note, Joan spoke to several points she made in Truths for Our Daughters, an article she penned for the Harvard Business Review in 2013 on what it takes to be a successful woman in finance. She wrote the piece for her 18-year old daughter, who was contemplating her summer job options and future career at the time.

“Why don’t we talk about what has worked for successful women in finance?” she said in describing the need to share accumulated advice and wisdom of experienced women who have thrived in and enjoyed their careers, rather than all-too-common narratives on what women lack, haven’t done, or can’t do.

She expanded on several truths that she wishes someone had shared with her earlier on in her career:

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you’re only going to do what you’re comfortable with, how are you ever going to grow in your career?”

“Ask for the bigger assignment. Take on a role that you’ve never done before. None of it is rocket science.”

“Ask a lot of questions. Put your heart and some grit into it. Whatever it is, you will figure it out.”

The event concluded with a Q&A session in which audience members asked Joan their questions directly, both in-person at 399 Park and virtually via Webex.