Many refer to our business model as a “platform” for our portfolio managers, but we believe it is more than that.

We view Millennium as a highly architected operating system that continually evolves and seeks to introduce new resources that help our portfolio managers thrive across different products, regions, and strategies.

What exactly is the operating system?

It includes the diversity of our people across race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and identities, perspectives, experiences, and ideas to solve complex problems and challenge the status quo every day.

It is the provision of sophisticated resources and technology that help everyone perform at their best.

It is our robust and transparent risk management framework, tailored to individual investment teams and their strategies.

It is our scale that we believe gives our people global reach, enabling them to leverage the expertise of skilled people in specialized functions around the world.

To put it simply, it’s the sum of its parts. And it relies upon the talent and drive of every person, group, and department that together make us Millennium.

In celebration of the operating system and all of the people it comprises, we’ve launched a new series of graphics highlighting the different characteristics that we believe make it so effective.


Durable in any conditions


Distinct and varied in background, experience, and thinking


Driven and creative across disciplines 


Stronger and sturdier with age 


Adaptable to changing circumstances