As a firm, Millennium fundamentally believes that the diversity of our people and ideas – across, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation and identity – is a virtue. That’s why we are proud to sponsor four employee resource groups focused on promoting and providing resources to the LGBT+ community, women, and employees of all cultures and ethnicities.


Through community events, speaker series, published content, and partnerships, these groups provide a platform to discuss, represent, and support the diverse experiences of all of our people.



MLPride is a diverse network of LGBT+ employees and allies with a mission to ensure an inclusive workplace for LGBT+ employees, to raise visibility and awareness, and to give back to our community.


Women of Millennium Network

WOMN is a network for women. Its mission is to support, empower, and connect the women of Millennium to one another through opportunities for networking, professional development, and mentoring.


Multicultural Network

The MCN is an employee network focused on promoting inclusiveness among all employees and increasing awareness and understanding of issues relating to race, culture, and ethnicity.


Millennium Volunteer Network

The MVN’s mission is to provide opportunities for employees to collaborate with one another while directly giving back to the community.