Learn more about our employees’ career journeys with Millennium through our Q&A sessions. In this “How I Got Here” feature, we check in with Yuishiro Tsujimoto, a Tokyo-based Execution Trader, to hear about his career so far, current role, and top advice for succeeding at Millennium.


What did your career look like early on?

I started as an equity sales trader at Credit Suisse, then focused on starting a sake business. After working on the startup for two years, I rejoined the finance industry as an equity sales trader at Citigroup. That is when my current boss, who worked on the same floor as me in my early years at Credit Suisse, introduced me to the possible opportunity at Millennium.


What initially excited you about joining Millennium?

Coming from the sell-side (investment bank), I think many people have dreamed about working on the buy-side at some point in their career. When I learned of the opening at Millennium, I was excited at the thought of applying my experience and skills at one of the top global alternative investing firms. I was also at a point in my career where I wanted to make a significant change.


What does a day at work look like for you?

I get to work in the morning, prepare for markets, trade during market hours, and take care of various tasks such as meeting brokers or servicing portfolio managers after the market close.


What has surprised you about your time here?

The biggest surprise at Millennium was the sheer scale and robust structure of the firm. As an alternative investment manager with one of the largest AUMs, I’ve observed economies of scale in many aspects of the Firm’s operations. One is the capability to expand operations and strength when negotiating with counterparties. In addition, Millennium has a broad set of talents from HR to compliance that matches or even exceeds the equivalent found in an investment bank. These were completely contrary to my impression of an alternative investment management firm (closer to a smaller family office).


What advice would you give to someone who is considering coming to work at Millennium?

Millennium is not an alternative investment manager where an individual is required to do everything. Everybody here has a role, and we all work together as one team towards a unified goal. The Firm has the necessary resources to support employees who execute their daily tasks at a high level, which allows every talent to grow. Stay motivated and open, and you will enjoy your time at Millennium.