Learn more about our employees’ career journeys with Millennium through our Q&A sessions. In this “How I Got Here” feature, we check in with Ruchika Raju, a Research Analyst based in New York, to hear about her experience in our Equities Analyst Program for recent graduates.


Why did you decide to apply for the Millennium/UBS analyst program?

When I first came across this program, I thought: It’s too good to be true. I thought I’d have to apply to a sell-side firm, then again to a buy-side firm—but instead a top-ranking buy-side firm was willing to invest in my training through a world-class sell-side program. This program appeared to be a perfect combination of both. It reflected the exact career trajectory I had envisioned for myself. I applied within 45 seconds of seeing the email.


What did a day look like for you at UBS?

We typically started with a morning call where the MD/lead analyst discussed news items, client requests, or pressing research debates. After the call, an associate walked me through their tasks for that day and indicated where I could contribute. My to-do list included items such as pulling data to update models, estimates, and forecasts, as well as long-term projects, such as evaluating the impact of expected tax reform on the coverage universe, or creating differentiated dynamic valuation tools for existing companies to get a clearer picture of their enterprise value.


How have you grown during your time in this program?

At first, I worried how my research skills would translate to the faster-paced buy-side environment, but my team and PM did an amazing job of managing that transition with me. They reminded me that research is the crux of what makes a good investor, and that trading and positioning are skills I could layer on as I progressed. I also learned to ask for help early; nobody expects you to have everything figured out and almost everyone makes time to help you.


Tell us more about how your time at UBS prepared you to start on an investment team at Millennium.

The three-week Research Academy course that kick-started our time at UBS taught me how to utilize Excel, the ins and outs of modeling and formatting, and how best to locate information. As a recent college graduate, the classroom-style approach felt familiar and eased the transition into a corporate environment.

The training year at UBS truly prepared me to analyze stocks at Millennium. Without this preparation, one can very easily be overwhelmed by all the details and information available to you at a firm like Millennium.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying to the UBS analyst program?

If you are looking to develop the skills necessary to becoming a disciplined investor—through activities such as strong stock analysis and mentorship by intelligent, motivated, and out-of-the-box thinkers—this program is perfect for you. Throughout the program, I felt that Millennium truly cared about investing in my career growth and equipping me with the right tools for success.


You can learn more about applying for our 2022 Equities Investment Program at mlp.com/careers/students.