In this “How I Got Here” feature, we speak with Haochuan Zhang, a Software Engineer based in our new Singapore office. Haochuan shares his enlightening experience at Millennium and how he continues to feel fulfilled here.

What initially excited you about joining Millennium?

My interest in the intersections of technology, trading and finance, and the opportunity to join such a global firm really connected. The people here are kind and efficient, actively developing new things, which inspires me to be a better person.

What have you learned here that you did not expect?

I have learned how things here have good processes. I am able to be a lifelong learner, especially as Millennium gives us systematic ways to learn from our peers. Senior team members have helped me apply my learnings to create tangible solutions. It is an amazing experience to have the space and backing to make these intellectual connections.

What inspired you to become interested in working in technology?

As a child, I enjoyed sci-fi and robotics, which pushed me to study Computer Science. I was always experimenting and questioning how I could make electronic items myself, so it was very much my natural interest and instinct. I love seeing theories carry into practice, finding ways to solve problems with simple, yet elegant algorithms and easily maintainable solutions.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting their career at Millennium?

It is so important to understand your team and how it fits in with others, giving you the context and framework to how you and your projects contribute to a larger scope. This helps you stay motivated and not feel lost.