mChats with Jonathan Xiong

Meet Jonathan Xiong, Co-Chief Executive Officer, APAC. He shares the top reason he joined Millennium, his transition of moving back to Singapore and 2023 goals.


mChats with Pete Santoro

Pete Santoro, Global Head of Equities shares his thoughts on top qualities for Portfolio Managers, Millennium’s culture, and lessons learned in his career.


How I Got Here with Haochuan Zhang

In this “How I Got Here” feature, we speak with Haochuan Zhang, a Software Engineer based in our new Singapore office.

Employee Networks

Giving Back in 2022

Here are some of the ways our people and our nonprofit partners came together to give back in 2022.


Career Journey with Stephen Gowdy

Stephen Gowdy, Software Engineer, joined Millennium after working in Particle Physics at SLAC and CERN. Learn more about his journey to join our technology team.


Miami Women In Technology Event with PowerToFly

We partnered with PowerToFly to host an event focused on connecting and networking with talented technology professionals in Miami, Florida.


mChats with Ajay Nagpal

In this episode of mChats, meet Ajay Nagpal, Chief Operating Officer. He shares his thoughts on Millennium’s growth, emphasis on risk management, and advice for young professionals.


mChats with Rajiv Ramachandran

In this episode of mChats, meet Rajiv Ramachandran, Technology Center Lead in India, and learn about his vision for Millennium’s Bangalore office.


Meet Two Millennium London Interns

Hear from two 2022 Interns as they share their experience and favorite parts of their summer at Millennium London.


Meet Two Millennium Singapore Interns

Singapore interns introduce themselves and share their favorite parts of their summer at Millennium.


Meet Three Millennium US Interns

Get to know some of our Summer 2022 interns based in New York City and Miami.


How I Got Here with Emmettt Hannigan

Emmett shares his experience moving internally from a technology team to a trading team and provides his perspective on how to succeed.


mChats with Lena Tamarkin

Meet Lena Tamarkin, Global Head of Human Resources, and learn about her 14 years at Millennium, the importance of mentorship, and what she enjoys most about being back in the Firm’s new headquarters.


How I Got Here with Austin Friedman

Austin Friedman, a Project Manager and MLPride Sponsor based in our New York Office, shares his career journey, experience with our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and top advice for succeeding at Millennium.


mChats with Itay Lotan

Meet Itay Lotan, Head of FIC Quantitative Research and Technology, Tel Aviv, and learn about his vision for Millennium’s Tel Aviv office, favorite thing about our Technology team, and advice for young professionals.


mChats with John Novogratz

In this episode of mChats, meet John Novogratz, Global Head of Capital Development & Investor Relations and learn about his advice to his younger self, the importance of allyship at Millennium, and his hidden talent.


Career Journeys with Amir Abu-Akil

Amir Abu-Akeel, Cloud DevOps Engineer, joined Millennium after serving in the United States Army. Learn more about his journey to join our technology team.


Celebrating the Women of Millennium Network

The Women of Millennium Network’s helps facilitate their mission through workshops, networking events, guest speakers, and more.


WIN Hosts Conversation with Blackstone’s Joan Solotar

Millennium’s Women in Investments Network hosted Joan to speak abouther background, career path, and advice for young professionals in finance


mChats with Stacy Selig

We’re chatting with Stacy Selig, Deputy Chief Operating Officer about what drew her to the Firm and the advice she’d give her younger self.


How I Got Here with Yijun Zheng

We check in with Yijun Zheng, a Quant Researcher based in our New York office, to hear about her career so far, experience transferring teams, and top advice for succeeding at Millennium.


mChats with Vlad Torgovnik

We chatted with Vlad Torgovnik, Chief Information Officer, about his plans for 2022, his top traits for tech employees, and how he starts a productive day.


3 Tech Résumé Watch-Outs

Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s advice for putting together tech résumés when submitting a technology application.


mChats with Steve Keller

We chatted with Steve Keller, Head of Business Development in Europe, about the benefits of a global perspective, his career path, and his newfound fandom of European football.

Employee Resource Groups

Giving Back in 2021

The Millennium Volunteer Network had an active 2021, giving back both in-person and virtually with a variety of partners and projects.


Millennium's Mentorship Program with Jean-Luc Roghe and Colin Maxwell

Meet a pairing in Millennium’s Mentorship Program: Colin Maxwell, an Equity Finance Trader working in London, and Jean-Luc Roghe, Head of Investor Relations in EMEA.


How I Got Here with Aubhik Mazumdar

Meet Aubhik Mazumdar, a Security Engineer based in our New York office, to hear about his internship, career so far, and top advice for succeeding at Millennium.


mChats with Adebola Osakwe

We chatted with Adebola Osakwe, Millennium’s Global Head of Talent and Diversity, about the importance of diversity, leadership, and her favorite ways to spend time outside of work.


How I Got Here with Bimal Manak

Meet Bimal Manak, an Operations Analyst based in our London office, to hear about her internship, career so far, and top advice for succeeding at Millennium.


Meet Millennium's Technology Teams

Meet Millennium’s Information Security and Low Latency Teams.


How I Got Here with Ruchika Raju

Meet Ruchika Raju, a Research Analyst based in New York, to hear about her experience in our Equities Analyst Program for recent graduates.


Resume Writing Rules for Interns

Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s tips to help ensure that your resume clearly highlights your experience and skills when applying for our 2022 intern program.


How I Got Here with Yuishiro Tsujimoto

Meet Yuishiro Tsujimoto, a Tokyo-based Execution Trader, to hear about his career so far and top advice for succeeding at Millennium.


A Day in the Life of Millennium Interns

Follow along as three of our 2021 Interns give us highlights of a day in their life.


mChats with AnnMarie Croswell

We chatted with AnnMarie Croswell, Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, about her experience with our Learning and Development Programs, her advice for mentors, and her NYC favorites.


Tech Teasers: Information Security

From monitoring the security infrastructure to investigating unusual activity, learn how Millennium’s Information Security works every day to enable optimal operations and protect our information.


How I Got Here with Alex Ozdamar

We check in with Alex Ozdamar, a London-based member of the Fixed Income and Commodities Business Management team, to hear about his Millennium career journey.


Tech Teasers: The Cloud

Our engineering teams rely on cloud services each day to help support our firm’s growth and activity.


mChats with Bobby Jain

We asked Bobby Jain, Co-Chief Investment Officer, to share his career advice, New York favorites, and more.


Tips for a Successful Internship

Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s advice to help make sure you get the most out of your internship this summer.


How I Got Here with Omkar Ghalsasi

“Millennium is the perfect place to start your career. Everyone’s opinion counts.”


Millennium's Multicultural Network

Our Multicultural Network promotes open dialogue to increase awareness and understanding of issues related to race, culture and ethnicity.


A Year in Women of Millennium Network Events

We virtually connected with our colleagues across Millennium by creating spaces to meet, learn and network.

Our Firm

The Millennium Operating System

Many refer to our business model as a “platform” for our portfolio managers, but we believe it is more than that.


Tips for a Successful Virtual Tech Interview

Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s tips and tricks to help ensure that you stand out in your video interview with our technology team.

Health & Wellness

Millennium's Wellness Program

The goal of Millennium’s Wellness Program is to help employees focus on their physical and mental health in a variety of easy-to-access ways.


Giving Back in 2020

The Millennium Volunteer Network’s (MVN) mission is to provide opportunities for employees to collaborate with one another while directly giving back to the community. In 2020, despite COVID-19 rendering most volunteer efforts remote, Millennium employees partnered with a variety of nonprofits to host six events.


Millennium is Proud to be a Partner of Out Leadership

We are proud to support the LGBT+ and Ally community. That’s why we’ve partnered with Out Leadership to further empower Millennium employees with Out’s resources, research, virtual events, newsletters, talent development programs, online mentoring, and much more.



We put the call out to employees around the globe to share how they have carried the Millennium culture over to their remote work. They did not disappoint. Our people shared hundreds of work-from-home pictures, professional tips, personal anecdotes, and much more.


Employee Resource Groups Celebrate What Makes Us Millennium

As a firm, Millennium fundamentally believes that the diversity of our people and ideas – across, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation and identity – is a virtue. That’s why we are proud to sponsor four employee resource groups focused on promoting and providing resources to the LGBT+ community, women, and employees of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.