Career Development

mChats with Ajay Nagpal

In this episode of mChats, meet Ajay Nagpal, President and Chief Operating Officer. He shares his thoughts on Millennium’s growth, emphasis on risk management and advice for young professionals.

You’ve been with the Firm almost ten years. What changes have you observed during this time?

As our teams grow and our geographical and product footprint expands, my focus is to stay true to who we are. To me, this means maintaining our entrepreneurial agility in a rigorous and disciplined environment.

What mindset is key to being successful at Millennium?

Each and every one of us is a risk manager. It’s not limited to any one individual or group. It’s foundational to our culture and sets us apart.

What’s your advice to young professionals?

Success is highly correlated to an individual’s level of engagement. Young professionals can contribute meaningfully to the firm’s development through their unique perspectives and experiences while bringing energy to their teams.

What sporting event do you never miss?

I always enjoy the energy of a Tennis tournament. And no one does it quite like the US Open in Queens.

How do you spend your downtime?

When I’m not in the office, I’m under direction from my other management team: my wife and four kids.