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mChats with Prakash Subramanian

In this episode of mChats, meet Prakash Subramanian, Chief Executive Officer, India. He shares his thoughts on his role as CEO, India, his journey to Millennium and advice to young professionals.

What is the #1 thing that attracted you to Millennium?

Millennium’s commitment to innovation and creativity resonated with me. Here, I am surrounded by people with entrepreneurial drive. After spending most of my career on the sell-side, I was excited to join the buy-side and lead the growth of Millennium’s India work.

What does a day as Millennium’s India CEO look like?

As we build out our India presence, my day involves strategy, planning, decision-making and execution. I prioritize dedicating time to mentoring employees to ensure that they understand both local and global goals.

What excites you about the future of Millennium in India?

India’s fast-growing economy allows for opportunity in talent and productivity. Over the next few years, we expect more functions across the firm to expand their India footprint.

What advice do you have for young professionals?

Capitalize on the opportunity to be a part of a fast-growing, global organization that will help enhance your career. The key to success is combining continuous learning, a strong work ethic and adaptability with building relationships to expand your network.

How do you spend your weekends?

Weekends are for spending time with family and friends, even if that means traveling to a different country or city to visit. I was a basketball and cricket player at university, so sports, though now more passive, still play a large role.

What’s your favorite weeknight activity?

Sharing a hot home cooked meal with family. In the midst of a busy work week, my family keeps me grounded.