Career Development

Millennium Mentorship: Natalie & Olivia

Meet two Millennium employees whose commitment to mentorship has advanced their perspectives and furthered their careers. Read below for reflections from Natalie Pennacchia, Head of HR PMO, and Olivia Barlow, Finance Manager.

What is one lesson you’ve learned as a mentor/mentee?

Natalie (Mentor): I’ve learned the importance of actively listening to Olivia so I don’t assume what advice she needs.

Olivia (Mentee): Natalie helps me grow, develop and navigate my journey. I always ask her for advice and guidance as I advance in my career.

What values or principles do you consider most important in a mentorship pairing?

Natalie (Mentor): As a mentor, being open and meeting regularly with Olivia allows me to truly know her. As a colleague and a friend, it’s rewarding to watch her succeed.

Olivia (Mentee): I’m receptive to feedback and guidance from Natalie. Our commitment to the process has fostered a fulfilling mentorship experience.

What’s one thing you didn’t expect to gain from this mentorship?

Natalie (Mentor): I’ve enjoyed hearing Olivia’s perspectives. Our relationship challenges me to continue to learn and be intentional about my own career goals.

Olivia (Mentee): In addition to seeking her out for professional advice, I feel I have also gained a friend.

What’s one thing about your mentor/mentee that inspires you?

Natalie (Mentor): I find Olivia’s appetite to learn and take chances inspiring. She has challenged herself to take risks over the years and I admire her commitment to her career growth.

Olivia (Mentee): I can name many things, but one thing that I find truly inspiring is the way Natalie balances work and family. She excels in both arenas and as a newer mom myself, that really inspires me.