Career Development

Millennium Mentorship: Michael & Elizabeth

Meet two Millennium employees whose commitment to mentorship has advanced their perspectives and furthered their careers. Read below for reflections from Michael Reisman, Global Head of Fixed Income Finance, and Elizabeth Gjersvik, Advisory Services Manager.

What is one lesson you’ve learned as a mentor/mentee?

Michael (Mentor): I’m able to focus on guiding Elizabeth’s career on her terms, rather than centering my own experiences.

Elizabeth (Mentee): Michael encouraged me to be an active participant in Millennium’s community, inspiring me to co-launch the Millennium Women in Investments Network.

What values or principles do you consider most important in a mentorship pairing?

Michael (Mentor): My role as a mentor is to guide Elizabeth, not preach. It’s important to have mutual respect, actively listen and trust that your mentee understands what’s best for them.

Elizabeth (Mentee): Having tangible goals and investing time to achieve them has created a solid base for Michael and me. I’d say this is foundational for any mentor/mentee pair.

What’s one thing you didn’t expect to gain from mentorship?

Michael (Mentor): Through my conversations with Elizabeth, I’ve gained understanding of the perspective of someone earlier in their career.

Elizabeth (Mentee): After five years of having Michael as a mentor, we continue to meet, discussing projects and interests both in and outside of the work we do.

What’s one thing about your mentor/mentee that inspires you?

Michael (Mentor): Elizabeth is very smart and has a clear vision of where she sees her career path, and she is committed to achieving that goal. That’s two things!

Elizabeth (Mentee): Michael is passionate about work and his endeavors outside of Millennium–maintaining both is something I admire and am inspired by.