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Celebrating Millennium’s Multicultural Network

The Millennium Multicultural Network (MCN) brings together colleagues from across Millennium to further understand race, culture and ethnicity. Through a variety of events, MCN provides a community grounded in education and connection at Millennium

Some of MCN’s recent events have included:

MCN held a Hispanic Heritage Month networking event last September. The evening included conversation over a sommelier-guided tasting of wines from Hispanic regions.

MCN joined with the Families of Millennium Network to host a joint workshop focused on Raising Empathetic and Inclusive Children. The facilitator shared resources on how to raise compassionate children in a changing world, with a focus on combating racism, ableism and genderism.

MCN partnered with Apex for Youth to host a virtual story time event. Employees read children’s books focused on the Lunar New Year.

To celebrate Black History Month, MCN hosted an immersive 360° national virtual tour traversing from the South to the North, delving into the profound and multifaceted history of African Americans in America. This tour celebrated the enduring legacy of African American heritage, unveiling the impactful stories of artists, entrepreneurs, writers and activists who have been instrumental in shaping the nation’s history.