We chatted with Steve Keller, Head of Business Development in Europe, about the benefits of a global perspective, his career path, and his newfound fandom of European football.

What is your favorite part of working on a global team?

The best part of working on a global team in an international market is interacting with people from all walks of life. We have over 70 nationalities across our European platform (as one example, my five-person team represents five different nationalities). Those numbers make me proud and defines why I wanted to move my young family to London eight years ago now.

Did you expect the path your career has taken?

My career path has been a bit of a random walk while always taking some calculated risk. While I loved living in New York City for two decades, there came a time where I wanted to experience more of the world.

What is your favorite piece of advice for employees early in their career?

When my career began, perhaps the best piece of advice I was given was “your first job won’t be your last job.” We tend to be myopic when we first join this industry, but this is a big pool with many lanes. I would always encourage young professionals to explore opportunities to work on an international team. Understanding and enjoying the global mosaic of this business remains advantageous for me personally and when representing Millennium as an American working in the UK.

Travel or relax at home?

By far, the greatest advantage of living in London is the ability to travel and experience different cultures. My wife and I share wanderlust as a primary trait and we’ve exposed our young children to so many countries and people. The novelty of landing in continental Europe, or Africa, without being completely jet-lagged has yet to wear off.

Beach or mountains?

I grew up in southern California, as did my wife, and we are forever beach people. We’ve spent a lot of time in the Alps, but my preference will forever be bodies of water, whether that be the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, or the Pacific. Living in London, we have explored the beauty of the Mediterranean, its many countries, its beaches, and its vibe.

American football or European football?

After eight years of living here, and as a basketball player by background, we had to adapt to a different sports scene. It is difficult to admit this but my interest in US sports has begun to partly atrophy. I’ve become a massive European football (soccer) fan. My eldest son is now a goalkeeper in the premiership’s Crystal Palace academy system; he inherited his dad’s height! Football has become a big part of our lives here. And, yes, I do call it “football.”