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Nandita Koshal, Senior Portfolio Manager
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Why Millennium

An environment that empowers investment professionals

We strive for our investment professionals to be more successful here than anywhere else.

Creating Value Together

Our investment platform is based on independence and focus. We offer portfolio managers the autonomy to manage their own teams and investment processes. We provide economics driven by each individual team’s performance within our framework.

Scale Advantages

As a large global alternative investment management firm, we support teams with a variety of investment strategies. We provide competitive advantages through access to financing, liquidity, data, and research, as well as execution across global markets and asset classes.

Tools to Enhance the Investment Process

We offer proprietary, customizable tools and technology from pre-trade analysis to post-trade evaluation, all designed to generate insight for our investment professionals.

Comprehensive Platform

Millennium continually seeks to maintain and enhance our operating system, providing the resources, technology, and infrastructure, adaptable to the needs of our investment teams. This allows our investment professionals around the globe to focus on investing, not operations.

A Powerful Franchise

We provide institutional stability with over 30 years of experience, a stable investor base, and investment in capabilities critical to maintaining our position as an industry leader for the long term.


Broad, diverse trading strategies

We are a significant participant in virtually all major liquid markets around the world and are continuously evaluating new strategies that fit our risk and return characteristics.

  • RV Fundamental Equity

    Our teams perform fundamental research on companies both as generalists and as specialists within a particular sector or sub-sector.

  • Equity Arbitrage

    Our teams pursue a variety of systematic and fundamental arbitrage strategies across different parts of a firm’s capital structure and a variety of derivatives, such as merger arbitrage, event-driven strategies, convertible arbitrage, option-volatility trading, and others.

  • Fixed Income & Commodities

    Our teams manage a number of different strategies including rates, macro, credit, mortgages and asset-backed securities, and commodities.

  • Quantitative Strategies

    Our teams build and enhance investment processes that are primarily quantitatively driven and focused on a variety of asset classes, including global equities, interest rates, foreign exchange instruments, and commodity-linked derivative instruments.