UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting

We are publishing our UK Gender Pay Gap data as of April 5, 2023 for Millennium Capital Partners LLP (MCP) and Millennium Capital Management Limited (MCM), our two affiliates domiciled in the United Kingdom. The data has been calculated in accordance with the requirements prescribed under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The data represents the average and median pay of all female and male employees within MCP and MCM, respectively. The UK Gender Pay Gap data is calculated in a manner that reflects the difference in average pay between men and women, without taking into account the nature of the firm’s UK-based employees’ roles, seniority or performance. The Gender Pay Gap data does not reflect equal pay, which addresses the differences between men and women in the same roles carrying out equal work. Our reward practices are reviewed to focus on compensating our people fairly for the same roles. However, the data does illustrate an overall imbalance when it comes to gender representation, particularly in senior roles.

At Millennium, we believe that a diversity of our employees’ ideas, experiences and backgrounds is critical to our success, and an important part of our objective to hire and retain the industry’s strongest talent. We have continued to enhance efforts across the firm to deliver equal opportunity and fairness in our recruitment, development, promotion and reward practices, as well as leverage internal committees and employee networks, to make further progress on diversity and inclusion.

As the UK Gender Pay Gap initiative illustrates, gender diversity remains a challenge across many industries including financial services and technology. We know that achieving a more diverse environment will take time and effort, and we are committed to continuing to advance our objectives in this area.

The data published for MCP and MCM is as follows:

I confirm the accuracy of the UK Gender Pay Gap data reported here.

– Martin Pabari