Millennium Internship Q&A with Mallory Triano

See insights on the internship program and advice to interns from our Global Head of Campus Recruiting.

Introduce yourself. What drew you to join Millennium?

Having spent a large part of my career in both big tech and finance, I knew Millennium and always had tremendous respect for the firm. From there, what really won me over were the people, the drive to innovate and the overall focus on the junior talent pipeline. Everyone is incredibly smart and hardworking, but also collegial and collaborative – there’s a real sense of community. I genuinely enjoy all of my interactions, whether I am in a meeting or grabbing a snack from the pantry.

What does your role as Global Head of Campus Recruiting entail, and how are you involved in developing Millennium’s internship program?

In my role as Global Head of Campus Recruiting, I have the great privilege of helping to build and develop our early career talent programs, which have grown tremendously in scale and scope over the past few years. In my first year at Millennium, our intern program grew 1.5x in size! Millennium is excited to welcome our largest intern class this summer, which includes our inaugural quant intern class and interns in Bengaluru.

What do you think differentiates the Millennium internship experience?

At Millennium, our interns gain hands-on experience by working alongside their teams. They are immersed in our entrepreneurial approach and culture, which fosters an environment where they can learn, grow and share their own perspectives.

What opportunities do interns have to look forward to in their respective internships?

If you’re an incoming Millennium intern, there’s a lot to look forward to. The program is filled with various trainings, speaker and social events, as well as a myriad of opportunities to learn both in a classroom-style setting and on the desk. I really enjoy watching the cohort of interns develop a sense of comradery and build relationships with their managers, respective teams and peers.

What is your advice to incoming interns at Millennium?

Be curious to learn about the work you’re doing and learn from the people you’re working alongside. Here’s to a great summer!

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