Millennium’s Professional Community Guidelines

Our LinkedIn page is public, where anyone can post, so we ask that anyone accessing our LinkedIn page follow these guidelines, consistent with LinkedIn’s professional community policies:

  1. Please keep any comments civil and respectful. Do not post or share hateful, harassing, abusive, profane, or threatening comments or material.
  2. Please respect others’ rights, including privacy rights, and the law.
  3. Please do not post or share spam, commercial content, or deceptive content.
  4. Please keep your comments related to the topics posted.
  5. Please do not post material that is copyrighted, trademarked, or owned by someone else, unless you have the proper permission.
  6. Please do not post or share commercial solicitations or solicit donations.

Millennium is not responsible for and does not endorse third-party websites or content that may be linked to from our LinkedIn page.  Please review the privacy and security practices, and policies of all third-party websites that you visit.

Millennium reserves the right to, and will as appropriate, change, remove, and/or deny access to the content on our LinkedIn page and may block users, and is not responsible for any consequences you may experience as a result.  Content we post is believed to be accurate at the time we posted it, however we cannot guarantee any information is complete or correct at all times. No content posted by Millennium, an employee, or any other user should be taken as financial advice.