Louis Freeh

Louis J. Freeh is a Managing Partner at Freeh Sporkin Sullivan, LLP and Chairman of Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm. Prior to that Mr. Freeh was a Partner at Pepper Hamilton LLP. Mr. Freeh previously served as Vice Chairman, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Ethics Officer to MBNA Corporation, a bank holding company. He served as Director of the FBI from 1993 to 2001 and previously as a U.S. District Judge, Assistant U.S. Attorney and FBI Special Agent. Mr. Freeh also served as a U.S. JAG Corps Army Officer. He has served as court-appointed monitor for Daimler AG, and as the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee for MF Global Holdings Ltd. Mr. Freeh is also a past board member of the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation.