Joseph Grundfest

Joseph A. Grundfest is the William A. Franke Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School and co-director of the Rock Center on Corporate Governance at Stanford University. He joined Stanford’s faculty in 1990 after having served for more than four years as a Commissioner of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Professor Grundfest is founder and director of Directors’ College at Stanford Law School, and principal investigator for Stanford Law School’s Securities Litigation Clearinghouse.

He has served on the New York Stock Exchange’s Legal Advisory Board, on the NASDAQ Legal Advisory Committee, on a rules committee of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, on the SEC’s Advisory Committee on Improvements to Financial Reporting, and has been elected to membership in the American Law Institute. He is a director of KKR & Co. LP, where he is Chairman of the Audit Committee, and is co-founder and a director of Financial Engines, Inc.

Professor Grundfest has been selected as a National Fellow by the Hoover Institution, has been awarded a John M. Olin Faculty Fellowship, and is an Adjunct Scholar of the American Enterprise Institute. Professor Grundfest holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University and completed the M.Sc. program in mathematical economics and econometrics at the London School of Economics; his law degree is from Stanford University.