Check out our in-house talent acquisition team’s tips and tricks to help ensure that your resume clearly highlights your experience and skills when applying for our 2022 intern program.

1. Formatting matters.

Avoid crowding, keep it simple, and only use one page. We don’t recommend reducing font sizes or margins to include more content.

2. First things first.

Lists should be in chronological order, but front-load the most important content and categories at the top of the page.

3. Write like you speak.

Don’t use jargon and acronyms. Use short, everyday words and sentence style capitalizations, as well as strong verbs and the active voice.

4. Simple is better.

Use short sentences. Edit out anything extra.

5. Authenticity is key.

Don’t overstate your experience, especially because you can be asked about any line of your resume.

6. Highlight leadership experience.

Include specific achievements and quantify them where possible, as managers are looking for sustained interest and commitment. Include your extracurricular activities to highlight your potential beyond your GPA (but include that too).

7. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Print out your resume. Read it out loud. Step away and reread later. Ask multiple people to proofread. Don’t underestimate the impact of spelling and grammar mistakes.