We chatted with Vlad Torgovnik, Chief Information Officer, about his plans for 2022, his top traits for tech employees, and how he starts a productive day.

What sparked your passion for technology?

I received a BS in Math and Computer Science from New York University and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University. Early in my career I became really interested in the intersection of technology and financial engineering. I was always surrounded by very smart, creative people and immersed in a fast-paced, high-energy culture.

What are you focused on in 2022?

Growth. I’m looking for the best talent around the world. We have technologists and financial engineers in over ten countries. We also just recently opened our second technology hub in America, adding Miami, Florida, in addition to our headquarters in New York.

Are there qualities or characteristics you look for in prospective technology employees?

Millennium is like a fintech company.  We look for bright, inquisitive, highly motivated engineers that want to build best-in-class platforms.

What makes Millennium a rewarding environment for engineers?

When I graduated from college, I didn’t know much about the financial industry. They were always looking for best and brightest talent, and technology gave me a competitive edge. Today, Millennium is at the forefront of innovation: working with incredibly large sets of data, applying the latest data science and machine learning techniques, conducting super high scale cloud engineering, and working on complex quantitative algorithms to enable the latest trading strategies. I work with and learn from the best people in the industry.

You’ve been at Millennium for over a decade. What initially attracted you to the Firm and what keeps you here?

Growth. It is fun to work for a leading company in a growing industry. I wake up every day looking forward to working on new things with great people. It’s very dynamic and never dull.

When you aren’t running technology for Millennium, what do you enjoy? How do you spend your weekends?

I am a big fan of European football. My Saturdays are full of anticipation, excitement, and at times, anxiety.

Breakfast or lunch?

Can’t live without breakfast. If I start my day right, the rest of the day goes well.