Learn more about what our employees have to say about their career journeys with Millennium through our Q&A sessions. In this “How I Got Here” feature, we check in with Omkar Ghalsasi, a member of the Technology team, to hear about his internship experience, current role, and our company culture.


What initially excited you about joining Millennium as an intern?


I was extremely excited about the prospects of working alongside such smart people and getting to learn about a new industry. The fast-paced culture, lean environment, and possibility of making an impact, even as an intern, drew me to Millennium.


What did you learn from your internship?


I learned more in my ten-week internship than in my two-year master’s program. My manager and team gave me autonomy to design my project’s solution end to end, and I delivered three tools instead of one.


What influenced your decision to join the firm full-time after you graduated?


Millennium is the perfect place to start your career. Everyone’s opinion counts, even at an entry-level. My manager, who still mentors me now, was instrumental in getting the best out of me throughout the internship and was a key factor in my decision to accept Millennium’s full-time offer.


After you joined the firm, were you surprised by anything?


Even after almost four years with the same team, I am surprised by how no two days are alike, yet the culture of growth and excellence stays the same.


What’s a day like for you as a DevOps Engineer?


My day is always a mix of complex operational challenges, interesting requests for tools, and project work to automate manual tasks, like building new tools and experimenting with cutting-edge technology. The users of our tools span across the entire organization, so I get to interact and work with almost every technology and trading team at Millennium.


What advice would you give to someone who is starting their career at Millennium?


Having a growth mindset and being passionate about projects will get you a long way. At Millennium, nothing will keep you from growing and flourishing.