Stephen Gowdy, Software Engineer, joined Millennium after working in Particle Physics at SLAC and CERN. Learn more about his journey to join our technology team.

When you were in University, how did you envision your future career?

I studied Physics & Astronomy and was very interested in Science.

Tell us about your jobs before coming to Millennium.

I worked in Particle Physics for about twenty years. There I specialized in the Computing end of things. It is a very data intensive science. We had a database approaching a PB in size in the early 2000s.

When did you decide to focus on technology?

Wasn’t really a conscious decision. My interests and abilities took me there.

What attracted you to the technology team at Millennium?

The opportunity to provide what I saw as a useful data platform to a wider audience.

Share some of your highlights from working at the Firm so far.

Delivering a service used by hundreds of users and working with many talented people.

What advice do you have for technology and engineering candidates considering joining Millennium?

Come and join a place open to innovation and progress.