Firm Management

  • IEnglander_0637_v3_12x8

    Israel Englander

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Chief Investment Officer

  • rojain

    Bobby Jain

    Co-Chief Investment Officer

  • slorne

    Sy Lorne

    Vice Chairman, Chief Legal Officer

  • ANagpal_0009_v3_12x8

    Ajay Nagpal

    Chief Operating Officer

  • jnovogratz

    John Novogratz

    Global Head of Capital Development & Investor Relations

  • vtorgovnik

    Vlad Torgovnik

    Chief Information Officer

Investment Management

  • JAnderson Cropped

    John Anderson

    Co-Head of Fixed Income & Commodities

  • Ross Garon

    Ross Garon

    Global Head of Quantitative Strategies

  • mmeskin

    Mark Meskin

    Chief Trading Officer

  • pesantoro

    Peter Santoro

    Global Head of Equities

  • mtsesarsky

    Mark Tsesarsky

    Co-Head of Fixed Income & Commodities

Risk Management

  • Jeff Katz Headshot Final Select - 12x8 resized

    Jeff Katz

    Global Head of Commodities Risk

  • SHaratunian_0014_12x8

    Steve Haratunian

    Head of Enterprise Risk

  • Scott Rofey

    Scott Rofey

    Global Head of Rates/Macro Risk

  • Paul Russo

    Paul Russo

    Global Head of Equities Risk

  • Jeffrey Verschleiser7975 -12x8 resized

    Jeff Verschleiser

    Global Head of Credit/Mortgage Backed Securities Risk

Core Infrastructure

  • NewStacy Selig8059 - 12x8 resized

    Stacy Selig

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer

  • kbyrne

    Kevin Byrne

    Chief Financial Officer

  • rkonarzewski

    Rosanna Konarzewski

    Chief Communications Officer

  • JMalik_0085_12x8

    James Malick

    Global Head of Strategy

  • CMoran_371_12x8

    Chris Moran

    Global Head of Operations & Middle Office

  • NMorris_1221_v2_12x8

    Neil Morris

    Global Head of Management Controls & Internal Audit

  • kokubo

    Kazutoshi Okubo

    Co-Chief Executive Officer, APAC

  • mpabari

    Martin Pabari

    Chief Executive Officer, EMEA

  • VPant_0598_12x8

    Vijay Pant


  • GRaviv_0116_12x8

    Gil Raviv

    Global General Counsel

  • MSchwartz_1428_12x8

    Martin Schwartz

    Chief Compliance Officer

  • oself

    Owain Self

    Global Head of Execution Services

  • ltamarkin

    Lena Tamarkin

    Global Head of Human Resources

  • jxiong

    Jonathan Xiong

    Co-Chief Executive Officer, APAC

Technology Management

  • Olga Naumovich Headshot

    Olga Naumovich

    Head of Technology, Miami

  • NUP_188072_Scout_J_PAloe_055_fullsize

    Paolo Aloe

    Global Head of Operations, Middle Office & Corporate Technology

  • rking

    Russell King

    Chief Information Officer, APAC

  • sakumar

    Sanket Kumar

    Global Head of Equities Technology

  • RNewton

    Rob Newton

    Global Head of Technology Infrastructure

  • prpathak

    Pranat Pathak

    Chief Information Officer, EMEA, and Global Head of Fixed Income, Commodities & Risk Technology

  • RPugsasin_403_12x8

    Rut Pugsasin

    Global Head of Technology Business Management

Investor Relations and Capital Development

  • Wes Steinman01 - 12x8 Cropped for Website

    Wes Steinman

    Head of Capital Development, Asia

  • Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly

    Global Head of Platform Distribution

  • Jean-Luc Roghe007-1-12x8 Cropped for Website

    Jean-Luc Roghe

    Head of Investor Relations, EMEA

  • DSwift_031_12x8

    David Swift

    Global Head of Capital Development Strategy

Business Development

  • Benjamin Williams

    Head of Business Development, Asia

  • Steve Keller

    Head of Business Development, EMEA

  • PSingh_0140_12x8

    Paritosh Singh

    Head of Business Development, Americas